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The Votive Church of Szeged – More than a Cathedral

If we only want to summarize the basic facts, it would go like this: The iconic symbol of Szeged, the votive church (also known as the Dóm of Szeged), has been renewed as a result of the HUF 2.1 billion EU and national support. In the crypt, a multifunctional exhibition space has been set up which includes an information desk, a pilgrim cafeteria, and art shop and a bookshop. The liturgical space has also been renewed. New bench rows have been added to the transept, the acoustic has been improved, and the western tower along with the Demetrius (Dömötör) Tower has been opened to the public. However, as I mentioned before, these are just the basic facts. The church and the Dóm Square, which combines the characteristics of a Mediterranean style piazza with the formal brick architecture, is a real communal melting pot and the symbolic centre of a new beginning. It is a cathedral, a family-friendly church, a destination of pilgrims, a sacred space, exclusive conference and concert venue, home of the Szeged Open-Air Festival and an open and receptive community magnet.Recently, I got a postcard from Szeged. In the centre of the colourful card, there was the votive church and the Dóm Square. All the other attractions, the downtown bridge, the university, the bath complex have only been shown in smaller pictures. This postcard is a small proof that the city of Szeged is mostly associated with its cathedral and the Szeged Open-Air Festival.Read More!

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